It’s That Time of Year: 4 Predicted Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022

As we near the end of 2021, predictions for how this year will shape the next have started to surface. From more opportunities for businesses to track ROI via in-app eCommerce to a platform for kids becoming mainstream, here are the top four to consider when planning your 2022 strategy.

Product-based businesses get more eCommerce opportunities

Live-stream shopping has become incredibly popular in China, and we expect this trend to spread to other parts of the world. So get ready for live-commerce shopping across Facebook and Instagram. This likely means that more of a boost will be given to live content within the algorithm, however as it’s an opportunity for brands to make money I wouldn’t be surprised if Boosting or adding ad spend here will be encouraged for maximum results.

Twitter is also developing eCommerce options for its Professional Pages.

Increased censorship for certain types of content

It’s important that users have an awareness of how much their worldview is tailored by tech companies and their algorithms. The goal of the networks is to keep users scrolling for as long as possible so that they make money from advertisers who are paying to target them. This means your YouTube suggestions, Instagram newsfeed and even what pages users are shown on news apps are tailored individually. The risk here is a population of people with a very narrow worldview and lack of awareness over the tailored and targetted content they’re consuming.

TikTok becomes a mainstream platform

The problem with TikTok for many brands is that repurposing content isn’t possible if seeking to thrive here. Therefore, many product-led companies go down the influencer route of finding established TikTokers with their key demographic to partner with instead. TikTok is aware of this barrier for its business customers and is working on ways to lower entry barriers to encourage more brands to utilise this space.

Remember, though, if you’re a small business or have a limited budget and resources, you have no requirement to be on every platform. Just ensure that the ones you are active on are valuable for reaching your target audience and have a strategy in place. It’s always better to be killing it on one platform than barely making any impact on several.

The world of work has shifted, and so has Linkedin

Linkedin is aware of this professional shift and is encouraging live streams from events to increase audience numbers. In addition, you’ll be able to attend live events from around the world that you’re unable to make in person.

As more people prefer working from home for at least some of the time, this also opens up a much more diverse workforce for businesses. Linkedin’s job matches will now include roles based further away, while the platform also provides virtual interview facilities.

What trends are you predicting for 2022?

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